Xbox One: April Free Games Delays Blamed On GDC!

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We are less than a week away from the start of April 2018 and for those on the Xbox One, the start of the new month would mean the receiving of new free games under the Gold program.

But unlike how it was in previous months where the free games were announced a week prior to its availability, we are still pending to hear anything from Microsoft and this is leaving a growing number of Xbox One gamers in anxiety.

For these folks, the muted Microsoft on April’s Games with Gold is a mystery but they are more curious for an explanation on the delayed announcement of the free games.

While Microsoft has yet to say a word on the matter, many have believed that the ongoing GDC event is the cause of the delay. Microsoft has been busy with the gaming exhibition that they may have perhaps forgotten to address the Games with Gold for April.

It is either that or Microsoft is hoping for a massive Games with Gold treat to soften the negativity surrounding the release of their new release – Sea of Thieves. The timing couldn’t be better for Microsoft to pull this off as April’s games will arrive on Easter Sunday.