Xbox One: Next Batch Of Backwards Compatibility Sounds Like A Joke!

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Backwards Compatibility is program launched by Microsoft that allows old games to be played on the new Xbox One. This feature is the biggest reason that the Xbox One is still surviving the current generation wars as old 360 gamers can upgrade to the newer console without losing their games.

The only setback here is that not all games are playable on the Xbox One. On the bright side of things, the list of games is continuously expanding and next week, it will see the addition of 3 new titles.

It was reported today that the three games are GTA San Andreas, Midnight Club LA and Table Tennis. The first two games are fine but the third game feels more like a joke from Microsoft. Like really, how can Table Tennis get the thumbs up, when games like The Godfather and Max Payne 3 is still pending for Backwards Compatibility.

No offense to fans of Table Tennis but we just don’t see the game giving any boost to the BC program. We will be surprised if we are wrong though.