Xbox One Takes A Swipe At Harsh Gamers!

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The gaming world is a highly competitive realm where players do their best to outdo their opponents thus explaining the high use of vulgurs in an online gaming lobby.

While such an element is important in enhancing the competitive nature of gaming, the use of abusive words have turned into a bad habit and it has been hurting the experience of the majority of gamers that are simply looking for a good time.

A number of game developers are already ironing out this problem by imposing ban on players with a foul mouth and today, we can add Microsoft to that list. The creator of the Xbox One has made it clear that they will launch an update to the console soon and it will see the official banning of ‘offensive language’.

However, the implementation won’t be a complete thing as the banning of offensive words on the Xbox One will be limited to public chatrooms and matchmaking lobby.

It is still a first step towards a clean gaming experience hence you can expect more updates to arrive on the Xbox One in the future to strengthen the vulgur-prevention feature.