Xbox One vs Sony PS4 Slated To Go To The Wire

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It may seem like the Sony PS4 have won the current generation console wars as the platform has clocked more significantly more sales than the Microsoft Xbox One but nothing is for certain just yet.

Very soon from now, Microsoft will start selling the Xbox One X and the upcoming console is in a strong position to reverse the order in the current-gen console wars. The pace of pre-orders made for the Xbox One X is so fast that we may witness a big comeback from Microsoft in the console wars.

Most, if not all major retailers have listed the Xbox One X with the tag ‘Sold Out’. The pre-orders have clearly exceeded their first supply and this is really positive for Microsoft.

If the Microsoft Xbox One X is able to make a flawless entry in the market, we don’t see why it can’t convince many PS4 gamers to switch platforms. All we can say is that the current console wars may just go down to the wire.