Xbox One X: BC Expansions Marking The End Of 360?

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A couple of days ago, Microsoft made a huge announcement on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program. The announcement saw a wide array of games joining in the list of backwards compatibility and some of them are games that are from the original Xbox.

With the list of backwards compatible games expanding at a rapid pace, the 360 gamers that are still pending to upgrade their console will no longer have any excuse to not upgrade to the Xbox One.

As such, it is completely easy to understand why rumours are now claiming that Microsoft will be ending support for the Xbox 360 at the start of 2019. Between now and then, 360 gamers will have to upgrade to the Xbox One.

For a rumour, it sounds completely logical and we won’t be surprised if this will truly be the outcome. You should seriously consider upgrading to the Xbox One this year just to be on the safe page.