Xbox One X Establishment May Kill Off Xbox 360 This Year!

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Give one reason to why Microsoft shouldn’t kill off the Xbox 360 by the start of 2019. This is something that is impossible to do because the Xbox One’s line-up has already been established hence there is no further need for a profit-driven company like Microsoft to keep the 360 alive.

Since the launching of the Xbox One X last year, Microsoft has got two consoles at their disposal and it will be that way until the release of the next-gen consoles. For those on a strict budget, they can adopt the Xbox One S. On the other hand, those that have a strong wallet or are willing to splurge on a super-console, they can get the high-end Xbox One X.

The standard Xbox One has been discontinued entirely and the versatility in the Xbox’s current line-up has made it easier for Xbox 360 gamers to make the upgrade. Furthermore, Microsoft has found success with the backwards compatibility program hence there is no further need for the Xbox 360.

With that being said, 2018 looks to be the year Microsoft goes guns-blazing in selling the Xbox One and this will be ample time for Xbox 360 gamers to make the leap to the new generation consoles.