2012 MacBook Pro: Model Replacement Still Works If Requested

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The 2012 Apple MacBook Pro users are not in a cheerful state after many of them has been voided of getting a free replacement laptop like how it was promoted by MacRumors in recent months.

Several users attempted to pick-up a replacement for their aging MacBook Pro but they were denied of it. It is then understood that Apple is ceasing the goodwill replacement program as they feel they have been victimized by the misled expectations of the 2012 MacBook users.

But then again, a handful of users are still able to enjoy a replacement MacBook and this is due to them having made the request prior to July 26. If you have made the request before the stated date, Apple will honor their promise.

If not, then there is just no chance for you to enjoy a free laptop upgrade. Apple will instead replace your battery within 15 days.