2020 Nintendo Switch To Welcome SIM Card Support?

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The Xbox One’s mid-cycle refresh saw the release of the Xbox One X whereas Sony’s console refresh brought out the PS4 Pro. In a couple of years from now, it will be Nintendo’s turn to bring out a slightly upgraded Switch but what can we expect from the hybrid console?

If the latest rumours are to be referred to, the Switch will emphasize on greater mobility and this is through having a built-in SIM card slot. With the SIM-card slot, gamers on the Switch can acquire a wireless broadband plan from a local carrier that can allow them to play online video games while on the move.

The current Switch has already done wonders by having that unique ability to function as a docked home console and a portable gaming system. The SIM card slot will bring big benefits to the latter and it is something which we would love to see come true.

If the rumours are right, Nintendo will officially announce on the above upgrade for the Switch on 2020 – two years from now. Are you excited?