Android 8.0 ‘Oreo’ – Does Google Hate Popular Opinion?

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Android 8.0 O is the next-gen system that will arrive in the second-half of 2017 and it will be replacing the current Nougat system. While the details of Android 8.0 are not out yet, we are pretty certain the system will use the Oreo name.

Oreo is a very popular sweet treat and it is also the easiest to mention. This makes it perfect for Android 8.0 and we just don’t think that there are other names which can outdo Oreo.

But that is no longer the case today when one of our readers pointed out that Google never really take into account the popularity of names. For the past three years or so, several polls saw a decisive vote on certain names for the Android system but Google overruled by choosing a totally different option.

Android K was called KitKat rather than Key Lime Pie, M was called Marshmallow instead of Milkshake and L was called Lollipop instead of Lemon Meringue Pie. With that being said, will Android O be called something else aside from Oreo?