Android Auto: Waze Compatibility Date Confirmed!

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Everything about Android Auto sounds great as the app gives you the ability to connect your Android-powered device with your car’s infotainment system. With such an offering, you will no longer need to touch your phone while driving as everything can be operated on your car’s system.

Well, to be more precise, not every part of your phone can be played on the infotainment system. The features are limited to services provided by Google such as phone calling, messages, music player, video player and of course, Google Maps.

Navigation is certainly made better thanks to Google Maps on Android Auto but for some drivers, they prefer Waze. The problem here is that Waze is not integrated on Android Auto and the fans are curious to know when it will be.

If you are among those that want Waze on Android Auto, we have some good news for you. The app developer Tweeted today that Waze should be ready to run on Android Auto in Q1 next year. They will announce the specific date of release in January so stay tuned.