Android O Beta Subliminally Confirms Oreo Name

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In a matter of months from now, Google will be releasing the next-gen Android system. Seeing that the OS always has a nickname that is based on a sweet treat in alphabetical order, we can confirm that the successor to Android Nougat will have its name start with the letter O.

As such, we are quick to speculate the system to be called Android Oreo and this is due to the unrivalled popularity of the cookie. Well, today, our speculation took a step closer to reality after a mystery octopus found on Android O Beta saw Easter eggs screaming Oreo.

We took a screenshot of the tease and you can see it below. In case you are unable to find the Oreo in the photo, you can look at the eyes of the octopus that looks like Oreo biscuits. Furthermore, the octopus blends both white and black, which is the trademark color of Oreo.

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