Android O Is Officially Oreo, That’s A Bummer!

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By now, you should know that Android 8.0 O is called Oreo. The name Oreo is something many predicted since a year ago and the obvious has come true.

This is a bummer in our eyes because we feel that not calling Android 8.0 Oreo will be the greatest surprise in the tech world this year. The magnitude of the surprise will be so huge that it can benefit Google through giving the firm free publicity.

Whether it is Orange Soda or Omelet, Google should have taken the unpopular route and create a commotion in the tech world. Well, it’s too late for that now since Oreo is the official name for Android 8.0.

Android Oreo comes with a tweak that controls the background processes of apps and this help improves performance and battery life. Another thing is that Oreo will have Wi-Fi awareness, which allows everyone in a single Wi-Fi network to communicate with each other.