Android O: Oreo Nameplate Needs No Confirmation

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When it comes to naming a new generation Android system, Google will organize a poll that contains names of popular sweet treats that starts with a specific letter and leave it for the consumers to decide.

The current Android OS starts with the letter N and the consumers have decided to call it Nougat. Come next year, the next-gen Android system is expected to get released and it will have its name starting with the letter O.

While the poll is not out yet, many are already calling it Oreo and Google are expecting this to come true. A recent developers meeting for Android O saw the name Oreo in the files and you can see it in the picture below.

This is enough to prove that Android O will be called Oreo and no confirmation is needed for it. But then again, it will be interesting to see how Google will react if the consumers are to vote for a different name when the poll goes live.