Android Oreo Boot Concept Divides The Fanbase

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Android Nougat is the latest Android version from Google and it was launched a couple of months ago. Today, we are not going to speak of Android Nougat and will instead look forward to the next-gen Android O.

The name of Android O is unknown at the moment but the fans and rumours are all claiming it to be called Oreo. Even Google, in a way, agrees that Oreo is the best name for the next Android system and this was confirmed through a boot concept that got leaked online.

The boot concept gives us a first look at how Android Oreo will launch when the phone is switched on but it got the fans divided. For some of the fans that have seen the boot concept, they find that the colours are all wrong. These fans felt that the blue and white needs to be switched in order for it to truly represent Oreo.

Doing so will make it look like the Oreo cookie is being dunked into milk. Otherwise, it will look like the Oreo is being dipped inside plain water. While it might make sense, the opposing fans believe that it can’t happen because the inverted white and blue can leave users blinded if the phone is switched on in the dark.

If you’re wondering how the boot concept looks like, you can check out the link here. Once done, share with us your thoughts on the Android Oreo Concept in the comments section below.