Android P: Users In Dire Need Of Audio Port Control!

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2017 saw Google making a number of major changes but none of them are more impactful than the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack port on the Pixel 2.

The flagship device from Google basically followed the footsteps of the Apple iPhone in removing the traditional feature and its replacement is a USB Type-C port which Google deems is the way forward for smartphones.

Today, the hate towards the audio jack removal has quiet down but those that have embraced the change are calling for better control of the audio port through the Android OS.

For these folks, they hate the fact that their Pixel 2 can’t charge and play music through the single USB Type-C port efficiently. While it may work flawlessly at first, the experience will go downhill due to Android often setting up the ports for one directional use.

With Android P expected to replace Oreo in Q3 this year, the Pixel 2 owners are hoping that Google can offer a tweak that allows them to toggle the USB Type-C port for charging and audio mode. It may not sound like much but it will significantly improve user experience.