Apple AirPods Follows Poor MacBook Pro Example

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The all-new Apple MacBook Pro has failed to receive great user ratings and this is because of a major battery issue that comes with the laptop.

Many users of the MacBook Pro has reported that the battery on the MacBook Pro drains a lot faster than what was claimed by Apple and there seems to be no fix for it at the moment.

Now we know that we have already discussed about the MacBook Pro’s poor battery life but we raised this point again because the newly released Apple AirPods are suffering from the same issue.

The majority of AirPod users are not happy with how the Charging Case can no longer last for at least 24 hours like how it is able to during the first week of usage. It is unknown on what could be the cause of the issue and Apple has yet to offer any word regarding the matter.

The only good news we have right now is that there is a workaround for this battery issue on the AirPod Charging Case. You may cringe upon hearing it but the way to fix the battery life is through resetting the AirPods. We have tested it out and it helps resolve the issue temporarily.