Apple iOS 11: The 3 Steps To Greatness

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Come next year, Apple will be celebrating their tenth anniversary in the mobile market and they want to celebrate this milestone with a huge bang.

We can expect the next iPhone to be over-the-top with its features and the iOS 11 to finally be more than just a mildly updated version of the previous OS. While Apple has yet to offer any clue to their 2017 plans, we have come up with the three features iOS 11 should have and they are as follow:

1. Unobtrusive Volume Controls
The current volume controls are okay at best and we really dislike the big icon that covers so much of the screen.

2. Dark Mode
For many years already, the iPhones have been linked to get a dark theme mode but it has never happened. The next iOS 11 must make no delays and offer Dark Mode for good.

3. App Cache Removal
With storage space being limited on iPhones, it is fair time for Apple to introduce an ability to clear the cache on an app to free up space.