Apple iOS 11 Will Kill Off 187,000 Apps!

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Apple’s App Store is the best rated application marketplace in the world and this is due to a number of reasons. Among them is a system that prevents app cloning in the App Store.

Everything sounds great for Apple but unfortunately for 187,000 app developers, they are at risk of facing the axe. No, it is not because of their apps being a clone of another application. It is actually because the App Store is about to give every 32-bit apps the boot.

An insider from Apple who claims to be working on iOS 11 revealed that the next-gen firmware will operate on 64-bit at its bare minimum hence it won’t be able to support anything 32-bit. A rough measurement sees 187,000 apps bound to become non-functional when iOS 11 arrives.

If the report is true, then there are two outcomes for this. Either the respective app developers upgrade their apps to become 64-bit or lose out on their trusted users.