Apple iPad Pro 2: Fancying Its Chances With Physical Keyboards

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The last iPad Pro showed to the world that Apple is fully capable of developing a laptop-like tablet that is tailored for productivity, even though there is a lot that still needs to be done.

This is why we are very excited to see what a sequel product can offer and we are not far from learning more about the iPad Pro 2. The upcoming tablet is expected to arrive in the first half of this year and it will have more features that is tuned for maximum productivity.

The iPad Pro 2 will surely have enough to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 but one question still begs to be answered. Will the iPad Pro 2 finally have keyboard and mouse support?

Nothing official has been revealed by Apple as of yet but a new leak from China showed an iPad Pro 2 case and it saw a drawer that is made for keyboards. Could this mean that a physical keyboard is truly coming to the iPad Pro 2? Only time will tell for sure.