Apple iPhone 6: Restore Factory Performance With These Steps!

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The Apple iPhone 6 holds a special place in smartphone history as the device is viewed as the first iPhone to venture into 5” & above display size. This particular offering cemented the sales success of iPhone 6 and it is partly why many are still holding on to the phone.

But the unfortunate thing here is that most iPhone 6 users are no longer enjoying the experience with the device and this is due to the performance being significantly slower than how it was when the phone was still new.

If you desperately want your iPhone 6 to run like it was released yesterday, there are some steps you can follow that can do just that. The steps are listed below and do note that they are sourced from Apple’s official website.

1. Perform data backup can always help free unneeded storage from your iPhone 6’s memory.
2. Using low power mode will significantly improve performance.
3. Turn off app background refresh and location service.
4. Do a clean iOS installation.
5. Ensure that the iPhone 6’s battery is still in good condition. A battery in bad state can have an impact on the overall performance of the iPhone 6.