Apple iPhone 6S: Are You Affected By Slowdown?

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It is official. Apple has admitted to slowing down your old iPhones through their software updates but they still don’t see it as an issue at all.

If you’re changing your iPhone with a newer model on annual basis, this wouldn’t be a problem. The unfortunate thing here is that the majority of iPhone users tend to stick around with the iPhone which they have purchased for 3 years on average.

Today, the user-base study for the iPhones has shown that most users are on the iPhone 6S. The latter is amongst the victim of the enforced performance slowdown but some reports are indicating that not all iPhone 6S are affected. To know for sure, you can follow the steps below:

1. Battery
You can start by downloading Battery Life Doctor or any other similar apps. Use the tool and see how good your battery is. If the score is poor, it’s a symptom of the enforced slowdown.

2. CPU
Apple’s CPUs have been great in recent years but it won’t mean anything when being forced into a slowdown. To find out if your CPU is affected, you can try the app Lirum Device Info Lite and perform a maximum clock test. Anything short of 1.8GHz is a big sign of the enforced slowdown.

These two steps will help paint a clear picture on the status of your iPhone 6S. Of course there are many other ways to find out but we hope the above helps.