Apple iPhone 6S: Being Force-Fed With Updates!

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For the majority of iPhone users, any updates that come from Apple are always welcomed, regardless of what the content is. Even so, there are still others that prefers to not have updates and stick to the same things which they have purchased on day 1.

The problem with this is that Apple is not giving the iPhone users the freedom to decide on whether to update or not. It was pointed out by several iPhone 6S users that the options to not update are listed there but it won’t silence Apple.

The tech giant will keep on notify the iPhone 6S users on updates and there are times where the update occur without the consent of the users. This is frustrating as their data is being eaten up by the update which they never wanted.

The minority that does not want an update to happen are now calling for Apple to offer them the ability to disable auto updates to improve user experience. Apple has yet to respond to those calls and it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it.