Apple iPhone 6S: Taking On The Note 7 Challenge!

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It has been a nightmare 2016 for Samsung as the latest Galaxy Note 7 came out causing more harm than good. The device is manufactured with a faulty battery that tends to catch fire or explode at random.

Samsung tried to fix the issue by recalling the Note 7 but they couldn’t find a solution. It was then when Samsung decided to throw their reputation into the sea when they decided to stop selling the Note 7 and offered existing users a different phone.

Today, it appears to be Apple’s turn to face a battery crisis. Several iPhone 6S have been reported coming with faulty batteries but there has yet to be a case of explosions or fires. The fault was discovered when many iPhone 6S users found their phone to be dead even when they have half battery life left.

Apple stated that they see it as a software related issue and attempted to fix it with an update but it didn’t work out well for them. Now, Apple is recalling a specific number of iPhone 6S in a bid to solve the crisis once and for all.