Apple iPhone 7: Hacking Vulnerability Saved By Google

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Earlier today, Apple started rolling out a firmware update for the iPhones and the aim here is to boost the security of the iOS system. The timing of the update’s arrival left many surprised because it came out sooner than expected.

This cannot be helped as Apple is desperate to solve a software vulnerability that can allow hackers to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip of the iPhone 7. What’s surprising about it is that the loophole in the iOS security system was discovered by rival company Google.

Google’s security researchers found this vulnerability and it prompted Apple to work on an immediate patch. In iOS 10.3.1, Apple improved on the input validation in regards to the stack buffer overflow.

But of course, security is not the only thing that comes with the new iOS update. The firmware also gave Apple the opportunity to exterminate some major bugs on the iPhone 7.