Apple iPhone 7 Plus Nerfed To Boost iPhone 8, iPhone X?

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One of the good things about the iPhones is with the after-sales support. Unlike how it is with Android-powered devices, the iPhones enjoy a longer life span thanks to the generous amount of software updates given to the device.

The latest iOS 11 offers just that as it greatly improve performance on the older iPhones by freeing up a lot of storage space. Unfortunately, however, the same can’t be said for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as many users are claiming that the user experience has dipped following the iOS 11 update.

In detail, iOS 11 caused apps to run slow. Music control in the lock screen feels buggy and the volume controls simply don’t register. If that is not bad enough, battery life has suffered since the update.

It got some section of the iPhone 7 users believing that Apple has purposely added bugs into the device so that current users can opt for the iPhone 8. Well, we will leave it to your imagination.