Apple iPhone 8 Chooses Google Over Microsoft!

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The recent iOS 11 update brought plenty of changes to the way iPhones work and among them is the default search engine. After getting a hands-on experience with the iPhone 8, we came to realize that the phone is more leaned towards Google searches instead of Microsoft’s Bing.

To quickly explain it, the iPhones were dependent on Bing as their primary search engine prior to iOS 11 and this has hence changed. Apple has turned Google Search as the default web search engine and we realized this when using Siri to make a search query. Bing is still relevant on iOS 11 although its default use is for image searches.

Both Microsoft and Google are two of Apple’s biggest rivals and the firm has always sided with Bing since Google represents a much larger challenge.

Well, seeing that Google Searches have grown a lot smarter and offers so much more than Bing, Apple will need to overcome their rivalry and offer Google Search to ensure the best user experience on the iPhone 8.