Apple iPhone 8 Flirts With Curved Display Idea

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The Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S-Series have never stopped trying to outdo one another, and this is why we are not surprised when we started hearing about the next-gen iPhone being linked to getting a curved display.

The word is that the iPhone 8 will come out in multiple variants and one of them will feature a 5.8” display. This particular model is also tipped to come with a curved display.

“The curve will be gentler than screens in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. This is partly due to the challenges of making curved glass covers to match screens, according to the source.

While the curved screen will allow a viewable area of about 5.2 inches and make the iPhone even sleeker, it will not offer significant new functions, the person said.”

Our only concern here is if there is not enough metal on the sides for us to hold the iPhone 8 efficiently. It is something which we have trouble with on the Samsung phones thus if Apple is able to find the right formula for it, we don’t see why the iPhone 8 can’t score it with the curved display.