Apple iPhone 8 Leaps Ahead Of iPhone 7S!

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Later this month, Apple is expected to launch the next-gen iPhones and there is a lot of debate on what the phone will be called. On one hand, many predicted it to be the iPhone 7S. On the other hand, the crowd believes that the phone will be called the iPhone 8.

Well, if the leaks and rumors are to be referred to, the successor to the iPhone 7 will be known as the iPhone 8. The internal documents that surfaced online last month saw the number 8 pegged to the product in development.

Today, iPhone case-makers that have always produced cases for the iPhones on day one revealed that the device will be called the iPhone 8. A total of three case makers said the same thing when they shared that two phones will be called the iPhone 8 and one other device will be named the iPhone Edition.

With Apple being tight-lipped on the subject, we can’t confirm if the next iPhone will truly be called the 8. All will be confirmed when the next iPhone gets unveiled on September 12 next week.