Apple iPhone 8 Must Address Outdated Siri

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Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is seriously starting to feel obsolete in the tech world – especially when knowing that Google is doing a lot to upgrade their virtual assistant.

One particular thing which Siri lacks is the ability to truly assist in reading messages or notifications. This is a void that has been spoiling the experience for about 5 years already.

An example would be having two new messages which Siri simply can’t handle. We experienced it again earlier today when requesting Siri to read our messages but the assistant only opens up the latest messages. It is highly annoying and such a thing should have gotten addressed many years ago.

Knowing that the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to be a milestone device, there is no better time for Apple to improve on Siri than through the next-gen smartphone. Perhaps Apple should check out Siri fails online and realize that the virtual assistant is starting to look like a letdown in the market.