Apple iPhone 8 Must Beat Huawei P10 Before Dreaming Of Samsung

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The old ‘Apple vs Samsung’ rivalry is about to take up a notch as we near the arrival of the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy Note 8. It will be interesting to see the outcome of that battle but before the iPhone can get to the Note 8, they should look at the Huawei P10.

This is because Huawei is now a major competitor for Apple as it created history by outselling the iPhones this year. The confirmation was made today, with data provided by a research firm. The study shows that Huawei is now in second place on sales volume, right behind Samsung.

Despite this huge achievement, there isn’t a specific phone from Huawei that is able to make it on the top ten sales charts and this is due to their varied model name.

Well, it won’t matter much since Huawei is now a big game player in the smartphone league. Apple must go all-out with sales of the iPhone 8 or risk losing a large slice of the market share. It will be a mistake for Apple to not recognize Huawei as a competitor.