Apple iPhone 8 Poised To Get Chrome Makeover

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The past few weeks have seen many leaks on the upcoming iPhone 8 surfaced online and they hint on many exciting features that are coming with the phone. Well, the latest leak suggests something completely unexpected that is the color choices with the iPhone 8.

Unlike how it was with the previous iPhones, the iPhone 8 will arrive with four color option and one of them will have mirror effect. This means that the color will be completely reflective and it may well just be chrome.

Chrome is well-known for its mirror-like characteristics and we can’t imagine how it will look like when applied on the iPhone 8. The idea certainly sounds great to those that likes using a transparent case but whether it will happen is a question that remains to get answered.

The iPhone 8 is tipped to arrive with a 5.4” display and it will run on iOS 11.1 out of the box. The phone is also said to come with facial recognition as a new form of security feature.