Apple iPhone 8: Record-Breaking Goal Is Worrisome

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In about a week from now, Apple will be launching the all-new iPhone 8. Like previous iPhones, Apple is hoping to create new records in the smartphone industry and one of them is something which we are not looking forward to.

It is with the iPhone 8’s pricing. Samsung has already revealed the MSRP for the all-new Note 8 and it created a new level of pricing in the flagship smartphone scene. It appears that the iPhone 8 wants to shatter this record by coming out with a fatter price tag than the phablet from Samsung.

While the figures are not out yet, the record aspiration is enough to leave us worried and this bitter feeling is no different to the one we felt when Apple confirmed on the absence of the 3.5mm audio jack for the iPhone 7.

The only hope we have left is for the iPhone 8’s price hike to be insignificant. Anything beyond $100 more than the Note 8’s MSRP is considered too much in our eyes. This is unless the iPhone 8 truly have something extraordinary over its predecessor for us to accept anything beyond $100.