Apple iPhone 8: Wireless Future May Ruin User Experience

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The past year has seen a new standard being set by Apple for the flagship smartphone scene and it is the removal of the traditional headphone jack. Apple felt that the old 3.5mm cable is preventing the iPhones from moving forward hence its omission on the iPhone 7.

With the iPhone continuously being regarded as a benchmark device in the industry, many other tech giants are following suit with their products. While wireless headphones may sound cool, it can cause quite a hassle as users have to spare a lot of thought on the battery life of the headset and also the cost of replacing a damaged Bluetooth unit.

To put it simply, the iPhones are taking away simple, no-nonsense features and replacing them with tedious ones that are also a lot more expansive to maintain.

If you share the same sentiment, then we have got some bad news in regards to the iPhone 8. The next-gen iPhone is rumored to arrive with no cable ports at all. The phone will be utilizing a wireless charging unit instead of a cable and we can already imagine the horror this can cause.

Let’s say your iPhone 8 is out of juice, you won’t be able to rely on a portable charger to charge the phone. Even if there is going to be a wireless portable charger, the tool is not going to be cheap at all and it will be a hassle to use it. Let’s hope that this huge change won’t happen with the iPhone 8.