Apple iPhone 9: An iPhone X Offspring In Two Sizes?

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The success of the Apple iPhone 8 and the iPhone X will have an impact on the future of iPhones and we can already confirm on this happening thanks to a report from KGI.

The latter has got a strong track record for leaking key information of an iPhone ahead of its release and earlier today, they started chatting about the next-gen iPhone 9.

The details are unclear at the moment but KGI specifically quoted on Apple placing an order for 6.1” LCD and 6.5” OLED for the development of future iPhones. It was also mentioned that the shape of the screens suggest on a bezel-less display with the future devices.

Based on this alone, we can expect the standard LCD to be with the basic iPhone 9 whereas the OLED to be used on the larger iPhone 9. It is unlikely for iPhone to create the iPhone X2 since the device is meant to celebrate a milestone achieved by Apple.

The iPhone X, however, will have influence on the design of the iPhone 9. Like how it was mentioned by KGI, both phones will have a bezel-less display just like how it is with the iPhone X. What’s your take on this?