Apple iPhone Kicks Bad WiFi Out Of The System

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One of the worst things which you may encounter when using a smartphone is connecting to a bad WiFi network. Some WiFi signals are so weak but the WiFi symbol on your phone states otherwise. This is one of the many things that have given the masses a bad WiFi experience.

However, if you are on the iPhone with iOS 11 on board, you can stop worrying about bad WiFi any longer as the system has been updated to repel away poor connection. Any WiFi with poor connectivity and signal strength will not be automatically connected by the iPhone.

We have tested it out and are pleased to know that our iPhone no longer connects to ComCast’s WiFi hotspots. The hotspots have never offered us a good experience and the automatic connections in the past have prevented us from receiving data-based messages on our iPhone.

Perhaps, this feature should turn into a standard in the smartphone industry as there is a growing number of poorly maintained WiFi infrastructures that can cause a lot of inconvenience. Wouldn’t you agree?