Apple iPhone SE2: A Scaled-Down iPhone 7?

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The silent majority has spoken. They all want to see a brand new 4” Apple iPhone early next year and it will be one that replaces the iPhone SE. The vast majority of the iPhone users shared this sentiment on a local forum and it left us surprised.

This is because for the past several months, everything we hear about the iPhone SE is hate comments. The tech community harshly called the iPhone SE as an overpriced device when it was never intended to be cheap in the first place.

The Apple iPhone SE is nothing more than a 4” version of the iPhone 6S. It is equally powerful to the 6S and the fact that it is the cheapest iPhone available today makes it a bonus. So when the silent majority speaks up their opinion on the iPhone SE, we can’t help but notice a lot of love for the phone.

The successor, tentatively-known as the SE2, should try out the styling of the Apple iPhone 7 and continue to come with a 4” display. Small screen phones may not be as popular as 5” devices but they still have a market to cater too.