Apple iPhone X: Being Faster Than Note 8 Seems Meaningless

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2017 is fast reaching its end we have seen every major phone maker launching their flagship products. For Samsung, their latest gem is the Galaxy Note 8 whereas Apple has got the iPhone X.

These two phones have been compared to each other since they got released and the result is the iPhone X boasting superior performance. Even the benchmark tests have proved that the iPhone X is faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it got the Apple fans cheering in joy.

Well, we don’t mean to spit on Apple here but we see no point in the iPhone X being faster than the Note 8. This is due to the way Apple’s iOS system works which greatly optimized the hardware for the best software performances around.

Past Apple iPhones have proved that an inferior hardware setup is still good enough to offer a buttery experience that is as good as an overpowered Android flagship.

Then there is the question of the purpose of the much faster processing speed. Just how will the iPhone X utilize their newfound power? The average user can appreciate the ability to open an app quicker and load faster before pressing the home button to open another app smoothly.

Meanwhile, the less faster Galaxy Note 8 will still be able to create an app pair to run 2 apps simultaneously, then launch a 3rd app in a small window before pressing a button to launch the camera to take a high quality photo and send it to a friend.

In short, the Note 8 wins as it has more purpose and a great focus on multitasking. Some Apple iPhone X users will probably say that there is also a way to multi-task on the device but the majority is likely to stick to opening one app at a time.