Apple MacBook: Is Apple Regretting Price Hike?

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The answer to the question above is probably yes. Apple raised the price of the MacBooks last year and it left many angered by it. This cannot be helped as the upgrades on the latest MacBooks do not tally well with the price increment.

While the 2016 MacBooks were still able to sell at a decent rate, the price hike caused a slowdown in sales of the laptops from Apple. At the same time, it also got many consumers opting for the iPad Pro instead of the MacBooks.

Today, things took another twist when Apple started rolling out the refurbished 2016 MacBooks. With the refurbished model, consumers can enjoy the MacBooks with a 20% discount over the brand new unit.

Knowing that the MacBooks are still pretty fresh in the market got us wondering if the move to sell refurbished products this early is an act of desperation from Apple. So, is the tech giant regretting the price hike already?