Apple MacBook Pro Success Wasn’t The Goal

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It is clear now that the Apple MacBook Pro is not the laptop that we wanted it to be but the failure of the laptop should not be a surprise to Apple as it is clear that they did not set the laptop up for success right from the start.

One of the biggest mistakes Apple made with the MacBook Pro was allowing it to arrive with an Intel Skylake Processor. The processor itself is not bad but it is outdated. With Intel preparing to launch the Kaby Lake at that time, many of the fans felt that Apple should have waited for it and release the laptop with the new processor.

Many believe that Apple chooses the older processor because they did not want the fans to wait any longer but that plan backfired as the fans were not interested in the MacBook Pro that Apple is offering right now.

Because of the older processor, the Apple MacBook Pro could only be fitted with a 32GB RAM. The older processor also affected the battery life of the device as many believe that the MacBook Pro could have easily offered more if it had a better processor.

It is now believed that Apple plans to stop using the Intel processor as they are working on a processor of their own.