Apple MacBooks Shoved Aside By iPad Pros

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Despite getting upgraded for 2016, the latest Apple MacBooks are struggling to maintain the pace of sales set by its predecessors. This cannot be helped as many have lost their desire to purchase a MacBook due to the price hike for the device.

The strange thing is that these consumers have decided to settle for another Apple product, the iPad Pro. The latest tablet from Apple has been fine-tuned for productivity and this makes it more desirable than the MacBooks.

The iPad Pro is also cheaper to own than the MacBooks and they are also more mobile thanks to their tablet structure. If there is one thing positive about this change in tide, the iPad Pro is signaling an era where tablets are as capable as their laptop counterparts.

Even Apple agrees with this future when they revealed that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will further inject more focus into productivity and it can take the place of the discontinued MacBook Air. What do you think of this?