Apple’s iPhone 7 Plans To Rule The World Foiled By Huawei

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By now, it is perhaps safe to say that everything the Apple iPhone touches turns into gold. The iPhone keeps on growing on the sales front and wherever it goes, the iPhone will always end up creating a craze.

This can be seen with the latest Apple iPhone 7, which turned into the most wanted smartphone right after it debuted last year. The iPhone 7 is named as a bestseller in various countries and regions but there is one major market which the device has failed to claim top spot.

It is China. Despite the popularity of iPhones, the latest iPhone 7 is still unable to outdo local brand Huawei in the Far East nation. Huawei has been producing some great phones lately hence it is fully acceptable to see the brand at the top of the sales charts in China.

If world domination is Apple’s goal, then they will need more than popularity and luck to conquer China. Until then, the iPhones can rest below Huawei and just focus on being consistent on their successful sales streak.