Blackberry Priv Deprived Of Android Nougat, Rage Ensues!

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Blackberry Priv owners are pleased with the phone they purchase but they are not happy with the after-sales support offered by Blackberry. This cannot be helped as throughout the Priv’s existence, Blackberry has only offered one OS update to the device.

The majority of Priv users find this unacceptable and they got furious when Blackberry shared earlier today that the phone won’t be getting Android 7.0 Nougat.

It is quite unfair for the users that have paid almost $800 for the Priv. It doesn’t help knowing that Blackberry has been lackluster in supporting the phone. Back in 2015, the Priv came out running on Android 6.0 which is already pretty late on the timeline. Last year, Blackberry remained silent in regards to Android Nougat update for the Priv.

At that point of time, the Priv is in its final active days hence it fully deserves a final OS update. Today, everything gets wrapped up with Blackberry not intending to update the Priv further.