Cortana Confirms Android Affair But With A Catch!

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Microsoft announced on something huge earlier today and it is that Cortana is coming to the Android system. Yes, you read that right.

The virtual assistant that is developed based on the highly intelligent AI in the world of Halo and it is something fans of the gaming franchise would love to have on their Android-powered device. While the launch date is unknown at the moment, you can expect the debut to happen within months from now.

The thing is that Cortana’s arrival won’t be a smooth sail because it will be limited to English speakers. As how it was presented by Microsoft, the individual is required to select English if they wish to use Cortana.

Nothing about it sounds wrong until you realize that you can’t use Cortana in English while keeping your phone’s default language to your native tongue. We believe that Microsoft will address this matter in the future but it is too minor for a fix to arrive swiftly.