[Deal Alert] LG G6 & Watch Goes Off For 2/3 Of Samsung Galaxy S8

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Following the release of the all-new G6, LG has experienced a sharp incline in sales and they are hoping to keep the momentum going. While the tech giant is still behind heavyweights Samsung and Apple on the volume front, LG is not giving up as they want to narrow the gap by selling as much G6 as possible.

In a bid to make the G6 more attractive, LG has called on retailers to start offering the device on promotions. B&H were the first to anticipate it and they are now offering the G6 on a massive discount.

The unlocked 32GB LG G6 is now being priced at only $599 on B&H and this comes together with a smartwatch. It is a huge discount being applied on the G6 as the phone on B&H is $100 cheaper to own and comes together with a watch.

This also means that the price of the G6 and the watch is about two-third the price of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Sure, the G6 may not be as feature-packed as the S8 but its flagship performance and low price point can allow it to take a larger slice of the market.