[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy S8 Goes Off For Only $425

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Yes, you read the title right. The uber expensive Samsung Galaxy S8 can now be obtained in the US for the price of a midrange phone – $425. The best part about it is that the Galaxy S8 in the deal is a full unlocked model and it is being offered by Samsung.

The South Korean tech giant has realized that there are many who are interested in getting the Galaxy S8 but could not afford the device. As such, Samsung has created a program where you can get the 64GB Galaxy S8 for $425 and the 64GB S8 Plus for $525 with the aid of your old device.

Those prices mentioned are applicable if you trade-in a flagship that is not more than a year old and it has to meet several criteria. The terms can be seen below and such a promotion will allow Samsung to enjoy greater market reach with the Galaxy S8.

• Phone Powers on
• Normal Wear & Tear
• No Cracked Screen
• Not Bricked
• Not Blacklisted
• iOS & Android-powered Only