Don’t Let Google Home Waste Your Money

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Google Home was supposed to be a game-changer where Amazon’s Alexa showed plenty of promise. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out as well as expected.

Smartphones have taken over our lives, and this AI system from Mountain View is meant to help us so that we don’t have to stare at our devices all the time while allowing them to make our days easier around the house.

Even with the help of Google Assistant, the little speaker isn’t able to perform the most fundamental commands that can easily be done on our smartphones. One could argue that Google Home costs only $130, so we shouldn’t expect too much, but the system should at least fulfill a minimum standard of practicality.

Well, it’s easier to illustrate the problems of Google Home via video than written words, so you can check out the short clip from Ron Amadeo (Ars Technica) below to get a good idea of how it goes wrong.