Essential Phone: Android Overseer ‘Duplicates’ Google Feature

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The Essential Phone is getting a lot of attention right now and this is mostly because it is a device that is developed by Andy Rubin. Andy is the guy that oversaw development of the Android system and he worked 9 years at Google before moving on to develop the Essential Phone.

There isn’t much wrong about the Essential Phone and this is a problem on its own. The Essential Phone lacks anything special that can really get a smartphone user to ditch the mainstream Samsung Galaxy S8 and adopt the device.

On a positive note, the Essential Phone held its ground well as the device can compete with the industry greats on the performance front and in the photography department.

It was confirmed earlier today that the Essential Phone’s camera is equipped with gyro-based EIS thus allowing it to capture high quality image.

This particular feature is unique to the Google Pixel phones and it is viewed as a clever alternative to OIS. The fact that the Essential Phone is following Pixel’s way of doing things left the Android fans feeling disturbed by it. After all, things could have been better if Essential opted for OIS over EIS.