Essential Phone Blasted For Being Complicated & Pointless!

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The Essential Phone can be described as one of the finest Android-powered flagship phones from 2017 and we can’t help to agree because the phone has got a respectable build quality and finish.

But then again, those are the only things we feel are worth praising the Essential Phone for. Every other thing on the device is pretty much similar to what other flagships are offering. And if you are to look underneath the covers, the Essential Phone is more complicated than it seems.

JerryRigsEverything had just shared a full-on take with the design and architecture of the Essential Phone and he finds it hard to understand why the internal layout has to be complicated.

There are also a number of pointless features underneath the casing that could have been better received if they get replaced by a headphone jack. For the full details, you can check out the clip below.