Essential Phone Hype Officially Shot Dead

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The Essential Phone is one of the most talked about device this year and this is due to its mysterious factor. The way Essential marketed their first ever major product attracts the curiosity of the masses but it didn’t end up well for the manufacturer.

Earlier today, the official specs for the Essential Phone surfaced online and it immediately shot down the hype surrounding the device. Many are simply not pleased with the Essential Phone as the specs sheet look underwhelming.

The Essential PH-1 comes with a titanium body that houses a QHD screen that can support ten finger multitouch. The device also runs on the Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB of RAM and a 3040mAh battery.

The killer blow here is with the calling price for the Essential Phone. The device is valued at $699 and this is really disappointing for a device that is perceived as a Galaxy S8 wannabe but without a headphone jack. The PH-1 is also lacking IP-certification, has no known customer service and also support from carriers.

It goes to say that no good comes with the Essential Phone and this is disappointing when considering that the brand has already nailed it on the marketing side of things.