Essential Phone: Sour Prospects Push Executives Off The Cliff

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The Essential Phone created a lot of hype prior to its debut and this is because the CEO is one of the founding fathers of Google Android. Andy Rubin is one of the reasons Android turned into a success and his name got many interested in the Essential Phone.

Fast forward till today, things are not looking so good for the PH-1 as the device is struggling to meet its sales target. Aside from the supply issues, many pre-orders have been retracted after the consumers learned that the Essential Phone is not meeting their needs.

The PH-1 may rely on the best hardwares around and it flaunts a nice design but it lacks and audio headphone jack. The latter is one of the many reasons many have decided to snub the PH-1 for something else.

With sales being poor, the executives at Essential are now exiting the firm. Last week saw Andy Fouche and Brian Wallace calling it quit and now, Liron Damir is following suit.

The head of UX for Essential offered no explanation to why the executives are leaving Essential and this will only make it harder for the company to progress in the competitive smartphone market.